Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jordan Motorsports VI

With the start of 2009, Jordan Brand finds itself in an unusual position. It is the first year in which the signature Jordan shoe numerically named from I-XXIII will be discontinued. I have heard rumors that OG colorways will cease to be reproduced from 2009 on. The company has shown both a good side and a bad side in their releases since the turning point in its history. The Six Rings and CountDown Packs were great ideas and innovative to the sneaker game. However, AJ Fusions, Hybrids, and poorer shoe quality have cause many Jordan Sneakerheads to be turned away. Now that the signature Air Jordan line has reached its peak at XXIII, Jordan Brand has dubbed what would be the "XXIV as the "Jordan 2009" which looks much like a Jumpman Sneaker rather than its Air Jordan predecessors. Michael Jordan Motorsports is celebrating it's 6th year in 2009 and what a better way to celebrate than releasing a new AJ VI. As an avid Jordan fan back in the day, I was only 2 when the 6s came out, but I can show pictures of me wearing them. It's the first pair of Jordans I had and holds a special place in my heart. These VI's bring back the old elephant skin of the III's in a way that isn't tacky or overdoing it like in the XXI. The simplicity and classicness of the shoe is what makes me love these.

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